Advertisements including banners would not be limited to the soccer teams, parents, fans, ext… We are uniquely located on the property of the American Croatian Lodge/Party Center. This would unique location would allow for additional viewers on a daily basis that utilize the party center for multitude of events and venues. Our organization provides your company the rare ability to promote/advertise outside of the soccer community.

The property also has a business building housing a variety of businesses as well. Thus your company will also have exposure from these clients due to the fact they will be parking on the property.

3 Foot by 7 Foot – $500/YEAR sign icon

This banner size would be placed on the fence surrounding the soccer field.

BONUS: Introductory offer this year THE PRICE IS $400 FOR 2016 YEAR

8 Foot by 16 Foot – $5000/ 2 YEAR banner icon

This banner size would be placed on the fence behind the goal post. The fence is tall and easily visible by anyone from all angles of the field and surrounding area.

BONUS: Your company logo will be added to our website

Jersey Logo Sponsorship – $5000/ 2 YEAR T-shirt icon

It is customary for soccer teams to have sponsorship names or logos on the jersey. The location of the name or logo is placed on the front of the kit. The jersey uniforms are replaced every 2 years.

BONUS: Your company will be added to our website


The mesh banners are resistant to wind and durable. The banners would be placed on the perimeter of the field to be visible for everyone. The banners would remain for the Spring, Summer, and Fall season of play. During the winter season, the banners would be removed and stored safely.